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We are a Retül Certified Bike Fit Studio that specializes in advanced 3D bike fitting. We handle bike fitting needs that range from the entry-level cyclist to the pro's.

All we do is bike fitting to increase comfort, improve performance and efficiency with the global leader in 3D dynamic bike fit technology.

A state of the art 3D Motion Capture system is used to conduct a comprehensive and extremely accurate position analysis which allows the bike fitter to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the perfect fit for the perfect ride on your bike.

Available for Mountain Bike, Road, Triathlon, Time Trial and CycloCross.

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parts & accessories

It is important to understand how the relationship between your bike fit and selection of parts impacts your overall performance, comfort and efficiency.

However we believe that the bike fit should not be tainted by sales and we will only recommend parts to you if they are really necessary for the fitting.

We stock a range of bike parts and accessories such as handlebars, stems and saddles which may be recommended and fitted during your bike fit.

We do believe that the the right tools and experienced fitter are the right combination for success.

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tammy visagie

road & mountain bike

highly recommended to all cyclists out there!! i have had a retül bike fit done and i am very impressed with the detailed analysis involved to optimize riding position and fit!!

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