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Cycle Solutions is a Retül Certified Bike Fit Studio that specializes in the most advanced and dynamic bike fitting in the world.

A bike fit is essential to every rider, so whether you are an entry-level rider or a seasoned pro - our Retül 3D bike setup will benefit you hugely.

We all have a unique bio-mechanical motion and every person is unique when considering physical attributes and the bike they choose to ride. Traditional bike setups rely on generalizations and 'eyeballing', which cannot truly identify the best possible position on one’s bike. Also, using only video capture analysis is limiting due to the “eyeballing factor”. It is simply not accurate enough on its own. However, by using this experience and video capture technology, in conjunction with our 3D bike fit technology, the fitter is able to identify in real-time the riders ultimate position on the bike. This enables the rider to maximize power, efficiency, endurance and comfort and will also prevent pain and injury that is common in the knee, hip, neck, arms, wrists, hands, feet and lower back. Our certified Retül fitter will assess your individual needs and systematically tailor your bike position and equipment to your body for the best possible fit.

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the process

When a rider arrives for his or her fit they will be greeted and their bike is taken and setup on the bike trainer. Each rider is required to complete a rider assessment form highlighting their goals and any concerns or pain they may be experiencing. It is important to note that a bike setup is also a good idea if you do not have any concerns or pain, as we may still be able to improve efficiency and power.

After the necessary paperwork is completed and once we have discussed your concerns we conduct a short rider assessment that allows us to establish what may be causing problems on the bike and to identify areas of physical improvement. This allows us to avoid “going in blind” and will assist us in determining what adjustments (if any) are necessary to improve your position on the bike.

Once we have completed the rider assessment we move onto the bike, where we first capture the bikes 3D dimensions and geometry. In essence we build your bike in 3D using our Retül ZIN 3D measurement tool. This allows us to accurately match your bike to your body during the fit process.

After capturing your bikes dimensions and geometry in 3D, the rider is then asked to get onto the bike and perform a short warm up ride on the trainer after which the fitter will place 16 markers on strategic bio-metrical points of the body. 8 markers are placed on both the left and right sides of the body which allow for the systems 3D LED harness to be fixed on. The rider is then asked to start riding at a certain cadence or power output according to what the fitter requires. It is during this riding time that the dynamic 3D motion capture data is captured together with the video capture data on both sides of the body. From the data captured the fitter can identify what adjustments, if any, should be made to the bike and the shoe cleats. This process of riding, capturing data, and making adjustments is repeated until that perfect fit is accomplished. It is important to note that each adjustment to the bike is fully explained using the data as reference. The rider remains totally informed as to why an adjustment is made and how it will improve his or her position. This is also the case if a part or accessory is recommended.

After the fit is complete and the fitter and rider is happy with the setup with reference to the data and desired position, the bike is then “ZINNED” again. Capturing the bikes final setup dimensions and geometry for future use.

This data is then used to build a comprehensive report, outlining the unique fit process and adjustments made to your bike. This report can then be referred to in order to maintain and check that your bike is correctly setup, especially if taken apart for traveling purposes and for events. We also keep a copy to which we can refer to in the future if needed.

The whole process takes approximately 2 hours depending on the scope of adjustments required.

the technology

Retül bike fit technology incorporates 3 main scientific standpoints in modern bike fit theory:

1. Dynamic 3D motion capture:

Most bike fitters fit riders in a static position. This is because the traditional tools of the trade such as tape measures, plumb lines and rulers do not allow for accurate measurements while the rider is in motion. This is a major disadvantage as the body is dynamic (not static) and changes position during the pedal stroke. Also, using only video capture is not much different than “eye balling” and no accurate measuring techniques exist with video capture technology alone. Using dynamic 3D motion capture technology, Retül measures and records the rider's positions through the pedal stroke whilst in motion, thereby measuring accurately the riders’ dynamic movements on the bike and allows the fitter to finely adjust the relevant ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder, elbow and wrist angles as well as saddle setback and knee over peddle spindle. All floats and means are also determined, giving the fitter a massive advantage in determining the perfect position.

2. Accurate measurements:

Traditional fit techniques as well as video capture techniques rely on humans and 2D measurements. There is inherently a human error involved in these measurements and therefore they not very accurate. Even slight errors and miscalculations can result in an ineffective setup that could leave a rider with pain, discomfort and injury. The Retül system is accurate to within less than a millimeter, and assist the fitter with extreme precision to match the riding position using dynamic bio-mechanical data to the geometry and dimensions of the bike.

3. Bio mechanics are Best Assessed in Three-Dimensional Space

Traditional fitting and video capture techniques are very limited because these methods only work within a two-dimensional plane. The fitter only takes into account one plane view at a time, and those views stand as mostly static and independent reference points. In order to achieve the best possible position on the bike, both the front and side views need to be considered as interconnected reference points. The front and side views must be viewed simultaneously and dynamically in 3D in order to determine how the bio mechanics of the rider affects the position of the rider with reference to the dimensions of the bike. Retül uses 3D motion sensor technology to simultaneously measure all the dimensional planes in order to allow the fitter to make a sound, scientific, educated and explainable decision on how to best achieve the best fit by making accurate adjustments.

the difference

Retül software is specifically designed to accurately enhance the bike fitting experience. A large emphasis is based on capturing as much info and data as possible, which is saved and entered into the system so that it can be taken into account when analysing the riders position on the bike. All rider information and assessment data is captured and saved specifically for each rider, which can be accessed at any time. Once a rider has been setup correctly the rider can return to fine tune the setup according to his or her personal goals, allowing the rider to evolve through time to achieve better results as they get stronger and faster. The body is ever changing and adapting, and as it changes and adapts so does the position on the bike. With Retül, these fine and subtle changes can be measured and the fitter can use this info to finely adjust any riders’ setup over time.

1.      Retül is Dynamic

Retül Technology employs infra-red light emitting diode (LED’S) technology. By placing these infra-red markers at specific anatomical, bio-metrical, and skeletal points on the body the tripod mounted LED sensor is able to actively triangulate a riders 3-Dimensional image and movement extremely accurately through the pedal stroke. The LED sensor tracks the infra-red light directly from the rider’s movements, thereby allowing the fitter to clearly see the relevant angle discrepancies and exactly how to adjust for them to be within the correct ranges. This process is instantaneous and is fed into the powerful software program allowing the fitter to quickly identify areas of importance and thereby spend more time making relevant and meaningful adjustments to the bike to achieve that perfect fit.

2.      Retül is Fast and powerful

The system flashes an LED every 2.1 milliseconds - that is 476 times per second or Hertz. The system takes a full set of body measurements every 34 milliseconds, or 29 full sets of body data per second. Our sample sizes are dynamically recorded in real time 3D and lasts anywhere from five seconds to 5 minutes depending on how much data is required to identify any discrepancies within the formative ranges. The software processes all this data in seconds, synchronizing the eight data points and tracking them across longitudinal, vertical and horizontal planes.

3.      Retül is Synchronized

Synchronization yields body location intelligence. The receiver knows what LED is flashing and where it is on the body. The software automatically, by skeletal position, identifies the proper LED's for the measurements of each marker's position. This is virtually automatic, unlike in passive systems, in which the user must tell the system what reflection images are related to what marking point. There is no post-processing needed with Retül’s software, so reports are accurate and information is instantly available for referencing.


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