retül bike fit

our full comprehensive retül fit includes

- Rider Assessment and information gathering

- Cleat and shoe setup to neutral position

- Pre-3D bike build (Initial ZIN)

- Initial 3D Analysis of the Bike/Athlete Position

- Real time 3D Pedal stroke and dynamic position analysis (both sides of the rider)

- Visual and camera recordings (comparing before & after)

- Bike adjustment and recommendations

- Final Bike/Athlete Position

- Comprehensive Reports

- 2 hour consultation

- Available for Road, MTB, Triathlon, TT & CycloCross


*R500 follow up fit
*R500 for each additional bike

why retül and what it can do for you

- It's the global leader in 3D dynamic bike fit technology

- The most accurate bike fit technology - to the millimetre

- Powerful computing and data analysis software

- Official bike fitting technology for Team Sky

- Interactive bike fitment experience for the rider

- Improves performance & efficiency, prevents injury and increases comfort on the bike

the retül fit process

We first initiate a rider assessment and info gathering session. This allows us to address certain concerns the rider may have such as performance and pain issues. It gives us insight into what physical attributes/conditions may influence your position on the bike and allows us to compensate for and adjust your position accordingly. It also gives the rider a chance to discuss specific goals and areas of importance he or she would like the fitter to concentrate on.

We measure and build your bike in 3D using our ZIN/RETÜL technology.

In order to gather the correct bio-metric data, we strategically place 8 anatomical markers (LED) on your wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel, and toe from both sides of the body.

The LED markers allows us to track, in 3D, the riders pedal stroke and position on the bike. This REAL-TIME data is then used to determine the riders position on the bike and allows us to determine where, if any, adjustments should be made.

Additionally, we utilize motion capture video analysis of your riding technique and pedal stroke.

After we have made all the relevant adjustments, we save your data and build a comprehensive report for future reference.

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special R1250 / *R500 follow up

client testimonials

mariske mclean

pro cyclist

i had my first ever bike fit this week, what an amazing experience! cycle solutions uses the retül - 3D technology to do the perfect setup. before i went for the setup i was convinced i had the perfect tri bike setup, they proved me wrong! i would recommend anyone interested in doing a bike setup to use cycle solutions.

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